Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Catch up: October

October...the only real month of fall in Wisconsin. We made batch after batch of pumpkin cookies...
 made the annual visit to the pumpkin patch....
 made ebelskivers for breakfast....
 got ice cream after getting shots at the doctor...
 and enjoyed breakfast in bed from my sweet, thoughtful girls. Being in the 1st trimester in October, I often lazed about in bed for a while in the morning, procrastinating the start of feeling nauseous.  And my girls were great. Love them.
 We took a weekend trip out to Minneapolis to visit Paul's brother Aaron and family. Apple picking was awesome and beautiful.
 Niels loved being pulled by the tractor.
And Paul and Aaron enjoyed purchasing 48 bottles of root beer in preparation for Thanksgiving, when all Iversons would gather together at our house. I still don't know why we are such root beer fanatics, but we are.
 And what is fall without playing in the leaves?
 Of course there was Halloween...and how could Paul be anything but Wolverine? Hence I was Rogue and Niels was the least for a few minutes till he wiped all the face paint off.
 Hattie as Nya, the Ninjago Ninja
 Anna, the fairy princess

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catch up: September

Paul started the month off with a thick set of Wolverine chops, and a Tough Mudder race. I was only slightly tempted to join him, but being 2 months pregnant and feeling lousy, I opted out.

He loved it, even though he pulled a muscle somewhere around mile #8. But he's gearing up for this fall and other bout of voluntary pain and misery. And the chops stuck around all fall and into winter...
The girls did soccer....they both liked it...neither of them is a natural, but nor do they hate it so we will keep them signed up as long as possible.

Hattie even scored three goals during the season.
 But this is how our Saturday's usually ended.
 Paul turned 33...
 And Hattie turned 6. Hard to believe she is growing up so fast.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Catch up: August in Milwaukee

I am, quite literally, months behind on this blog. And with this baby coming in 8 days, I know I've got a limited time to get caught up before I'm eternally behind. So without further ado, I will try to post a few pictures from each month, with limited commentary :)

 The Milwaukee Airshow over Lake Michigan...and the day Niels fell in love with airplanes

 The girls and friends were much more interested in the sand than the airplanes.
 We went to the zoo a LOT. And somehow the train ride is always the highlight.
 We grilled almost every day. And I had mountains of zucchini which I learned to be very creative with.
 Regular marshmallow roasts.
 And backyard parties with the friends.
And what's summer in Milwaukee without the 110th anniversary of Harley Davidson? Bikers everywhere.

Milwaukee is awesome in August...perfect weather and tons to do.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A stealer who stole a princess

After reading the story of Gilgamesh this week for history, Hattie's assignment was to write her own fairy my creative girl!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Go Pack Go!

Plenty has happened since my last post, 2 months ago, in August. But since this is easily the coolest thing that has happened recently, I wanted to post it while the memory is still fresh.
Back in July when I was visiting my parents in Oregon, Paul called me in the middle of the day (rare - he never calls while he's at work) and asked if we were busy on November 4. I just laughed and said of course we weren't. He said, "Okay then, we're going with the Keddington's to a Packers game!"

So finally, 4 months later, the day came. We were able to get to Green Bay by 3:00, giving us four and a half hours to enjoy before kick off. We had an awesome lunch/dinner, then went to the stadium, so Paul could get some Packers paraphernalia, and to go through the museum. 

I was secretly proud that Paul's leap looked much better than any other fans attempting :)

Posing with the most recent Super Bowl trophy. Paul, not a fan of the traditional green and yellow Packers gear, wanted a throwback jersey. I must agree, it looks much better than green and yellow.

 Lambeau really was awesome!

 And our tickets were on the 50 yard line :)

The Keddingtons have almost successfully converted us to Packers fans. Paul is already talking about next years' game. Sadly, the Bears beat us :( But it was still a great day...Can't wait to go back!