Monday, September 10, 2012

A visit from cousins

After spending 6 weeks with cousins in Oregon (to be blogged about soon, I promise) the girls have been missing cousin time. So we were thrilled when Paul's brother Aaron and company stopped by to visit on their way from Minneapolis to Virginia. They have two girls and a boy - a perfect match for our kids.

 They were so excited to all ride together.
We needed something fun to do that was easy and cheap to do with 6 little kids, so we visited the Jelly Belly warehouse.
 It was okay...NOTHING compared to the factory tour in Fairfield, CA. We rode a little train around the warehouse and watched a video of how the jelly beans are made.
 The kids were pretty restless by the end...but they give you a package of free Jelly Bellys so it was worth it.

We can't wait to visit you guys soon!