Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Go Pack Go!

Plenty has happened since my last post, 2 months ago, in August. But since this is easily the coolest thing that has happened recently, I wanted to post it while the memory is still fresh.
Back in July when I was visiting my parents in Oregon, Paul called me in the middle of the day (rare - he never calls while he's at work) and asked if we were busy on November 4. I just laughed and said of course we weren't. He said, "Okay then, we're going with the Keddington's to a Packers game!"

So finally, 4 months later, the day came. We were able to get to Green Bay by 3:00, giving us four and a half hours to enjoy before kick off. We had an awesome lunch/dinner, then went to the stadium, so Paul could get some Packers paraphernalia, and to go through the museum. 

I was secretly proud that Paul's leap looked much better than any other fans attempting :)

Posing with the most recent Super Bowl trophy. Paul, not a fan of the traditional green and yellow Packers gear, wanted a throwback jersey. I must agree, it looks much better than green and yellow.

 Lambeau really was awesome!

 And our tickets were on the 50 yard line :)

The Keddingtons have almost successfully converted us to Packers fans. Paul is already talking about next years' game. Sadly, the Bears beat us :( But it was still a great day...Can't wait to go back!