Monday, November 29, 2010


Right before Halloween I took on a task of motherhood that I had been dreading: potty training. I had put it off as long as possible. Most of her friends were potty trained and I still didn't feel like my little girl was ready. Then one day, she suddenly hated having a wet diaper on. She would lay down on the ground holding a clean diaper while yelling, "PEED!!!" at the top of her lungs. I guess I could finally take the hint that she was ready.

Gratefully, I have 5 older siblings, all with a lot more parenting experience than I. Sharee introduced us all to a method called "Potty Training in Less Than a Day," which Laura used last year to potty-trained her twins. Like her, I am a total believer. I love how Hattie instigates going to the bathroom...I don't have to ask her every 10 minutes if she has to use the potty, nor did I waste hours with her sitting on the toilet trying to force her to go when she didn't need to. It really only took a day for it to click. It was such a breeze (at least in comparison to what I expected - months of dealing with accidents). On the contrary, she had accidents randomly for about two weeks, and has now gone about two weeks accident free. Well, I guess she did have an accident the other day, but it was our fault - she was in time-out and we told her she couldn't leave her least she was obedient!

The girls have been fun this month, besides battling a little sickness. At least they are snuggly when sick.
(For some reason this picture rotated and i can't get it to turn back, so just angle your head a bit) Anna only gets chubbier...around the belly. I pulled out the 18-24 month clothes (she's 16 months) and put this shirt on. See that I can't button the buttons by about 3 inches? And I thought Hattie had a belly...this shirt was loose on her!
They love the box that our turkey fryer came in (never baking a turkey again!)
And they love it when I grind wheat...I think they think it's a mini sand box.

We also got family pictures taken, but I'll post those tomorrow...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A mouse and a pumpkin

Halloween has come and gone. Last year, Paul and I started making plans of what our family could be for Halloween. We talked about it randomly throughout the year. And of course we never came to a decision, so I ended up calling my wonderful sister who has lots of wonderful costumes for kids. Voila!
Doesn't Anna looked so much chubbier with the mouse hat on? She was definitely a big hit. And do you notice her crooked jaw smile? Weird.
Hattie wore the pumpkin costume randomly throughout October. Whenever she remembered what she was going to be for Halloween, she asked to put it on for a few hours. Thanks Sophie for letting us borrow it!
We went to our Children's Science Museum for a little carnival. Hattie loved her tattoo and playing all the games.
And Anna was a trooper, sucking on her long mouse tail most of the night while at the Trunk or Treat. Hattie is already starting to dream about next years costume...that and constantly asking if Santa is coming tonight. It'll be a long two months for this three-year old!