Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring might finally come

I thought I was prepared for the cold Wisconsin winters. I love snow. I love bundling up in scarves, hats, poofy down coats, boots, and gloves. And with a good road crew, the roads aren't too bad. I was ready for it. 

I was not prepared for winter to last 5 months.

So although 'spring' is already half over, the trees are still leafless, there are no flowers in bloom, and nothing is green. When the daily high is 39 degrees, what else can you expect? So we have remained indoors while the southern part of the country enjoys a cool, green spring spring. 

During the end of March, with snow still on the ground, we were first starting to feel the itch for spring to come. The girls wanted to throw a "spring surprise party" for Paul when he came home. We spent the day making flowers and butterflies and bunnies. When he walked in, we held up our flower masks and danced to the song "It's spring, spring, spring again," a terribly cheesy song that the girls love. It was definitely a surprise for him.
We pretty much stayed home and enjoyed this cute boy...
...who likes to perch on the ledge to watch TV, turning on and off the Blu-ray player, cable box, and XBox.
And Anna is my precious middle child. She is a snuggler. And when I told her to pack her panties for our trip to Minnesota and Iowa, she got to work organizing them all. Love her.