Wednesday, May 1, 2013

March Road Trip

Vacation! Paul had the last week of March off, and since one of the reasons we wanted to match in Milwaukee was that we would have family close-ish, we took off to finally visit them.
But we did stop at Wisconsin Dells before seeing everyone. Wisconsin Dells is a random resort town with a population of about 2,600, but that has about 5 million visitors a year...and their claim to fame is they are the indoor waterpark capitol of the world. Random that such a place exists in the middle of western Wisconsin. So we joined the masses and spent the day swimming and sliding.
From the Dells we drove to St. Paul to spend a few days with Paul's brother, Aaron, and his family. The girls loved seeing their cousins. We didn't do much sight-seeing...still too cold. And what little we did froze our buns off.

This was the headache-inducing yellow room at a theater downtown. Here I stood on a thick piece of plastic hovering 6 stories above ground. Slightly unsettling.

From St. Paul, we drove south to Iowa to see my sister, Laura, and her family. Fewer pictures, since we mostly just spent time with the kids at home. But Niels did learn the love of sword-fighting from his 3 boy cousins.
We were there on Easter, so the kiddos searched for eggs in the snow.
And my wanna-be-chef husband made some creme brulee. But when flaming the sugar on top, we ran out of butane fuel. So Aaron and Paul improvised, using Aaron's plumbers torch to provide the fuel, and Paul's butane torch to keep Aaron's flame lit (the plumbers torch kept dying for some reason. So, although flamed non-traditionally, the dessert was delicious.