Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deep in the heart of Texas

Here we go, becoming bloggers!

We flew out to Texas two weeks ago for Thanksgiving and a medical school interview. Hattie did great on the flight...she slept the whole time. And a nice lady on the plane took pictures of her first flight for us :) The exciting part of this trip is that we got an acceptance to Texas Tech Medical School! We are thrilled that the LONG wait is over...we've been working toward this since we were dating. So unless we get a better offer elsewhere, we'll be moving to Lubbock in July. In case you are scratching your head wondering where Lubbock is, it's in the middle of West Texas, about 5 hours from anything else. So it's definitely remote, but we are glad to have an offer.

Thanksgiving was great, complete with Texas fried turkey, an Iverson family tradition that I experienced for the first time. It was hard having Thanksgiving with no milk products! No whipped cream on pie, no ice cream on pie, no mashed happiness! But Hattie is no longer having blood in her stools, so it is definitely worth the sacrifice.

A note on our blog title: One of our favorite movie quotes is from "Cinderella Man." Russell Crowe approaches his son who is jumping on a mattress. Crowe asks what he's doing and his son replies, "I'm being good; I'm being-have." We've added to that our own Iverson uniqueness, since we have developed a kid-like way of talking, replacing "I'm" with "I's", which is, of course, the contraction for "I is" which is how English-speaking missionaries must sound to Spanish and Portuguese speakers when they are just getting the hang of conjugating.