Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

After a marvelous week in Mazatlan, Paul and I were anxious to get back to the girls. We arrived in Dallas on December 23rd, so we were able to enjoy Christmas Eve with the girls. They appeared to have survived their week with Christina quite well.
This Christmas we pulled off the greatest Christmas surprise ever. All of Paul's siblings, from Virginia to Minnesota to Utah, came to Dallas without my in-laws knowing. Christmas Eve the doorbell rang and Christina received the surprise of her life. She was planning on spending Christmas with just my little family for company and instead ended up with a houseful of 7 grandkids, 12 adults, and a dog. I think she was in shock for a while, as was my father in law who would randomly say, even the next day, that he couldn't believe that we were all there.
We achieved our goal...We made Christina and my father-in-law cry!
No trip to Dallas is complete without Grandpa's root beerWay too many stockingsWhile opening presents, Anna was always found sitting on top of another present...funny girlHattie eating Christmas dinner with cousins Nora, Keira, and Max
This is one of the coolest things to drive by every winter in Dallas...there must be thousands of lights on that tree!
We even got a family picture in!
And here's a few of my girls just being silly...