Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Improvement

We have LOVED having Paul home from school for the last few weeks. We've been able to get so much done around the house. Here are a few pictures of what we've done:

I got the itch to paint something, so we started small and did Hattie's bathroom. We love how it turned out. Now I want to paint the hall, the family room, and Hattie's room. We'll see when I make time for it.

We've finally turned Hattie's room into a proper nursery. She is 21 months old and we finally have a crib for her. She has been in a Pack and Play since she was born, so it's nice to finally have a cute room for her. It seems most parents do this before the baby is born, but I'm just glad we did it before baby #2 was born and we needed another bed!

Paul also built the kids' play table that you see. He spent quite a few days in the garage with his tools, scaring Hattie to death whenever he turned on his saw or drill. We love how it turned out and Hattie loves to play with it. And it makes her room look so much cleaner now that I can shove all her toys underneath.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diaper hats

When I asked Paul to get a diaper this morning, he came back like so, with a matching one for Hattie. She fell in love, as you can see in the video. Hopefully she doesn't request one every day!

Fashion issues

The other day at the store, Hattie had a serious diaper explosion, reminiscent of when she was but a wee babe. Her onesie and her shorts were completely dirty, leaving her only her little tank top shirt she had been wearing. Because of her ever-itchy skin, she was constantly pulling up her shirt. At least she is thinning down a bit!

Then, Paul realized that his shorts were getting a little old.

And Hattie finally discovered Paul's cowboy hat on our bookshelf and begged to wear it. I think it goes well with her jellies, don't you?