Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fashion issues

The other day at the store, Hattie had a serious diaper explosion, reminiscent of when she was but a wee babe. Her onesie and her shorts were completely dirty, leaving her only her little tank top shirt she had been wearing. Because of her ever-itchy skin, she was constantly pulling up her shirt. At least she is thinning down a bit!

Then, Paul realized that his shorts were getting a little old.

And Hattie finally discovered Paul's cowboy hat on our bookshelf and begged to wear it. I think it goes well with her jellies, don't you?


Nancy and Spencer said...

LOVE the cowboy hat picture! She looks great. :)
p.s. Is Paul's hair getting really long, or is it just a shadow cast on the wall?

kerri said...

Cuteness! Where's some momma pictures?

Trulee said...

This post cracks me up. How old is she now?

Melanie said...

To answer Nancy, Paul's hair is getting long...he's growing it out since he has never had hair longer than 1 inch before, but there is also a shadow on the wall. So it looks like an afro.

And Trulee, Hattie is 20 months old. And a handful!

Shannon said...

Melanie! It's been forever! I'm so sorry I've been such a distant friend. I can't believe how big Hattie is! Love you lots! (I'll try to send you a more thorough email later).

Steven and Erika said...

Shes got some Texan in her after all...not every little lady can pull off a cowboy hat and make it look good! Nice shorts there Paul..haha!

Jessie said...

Melanie, you should have been around when Paul was younger ... middle school/high school.
He had the classic soccer beefcake hair cut!
This really short hair is a novelty to me ... I suppose in the mission field it comes down to necessity so companions give one another a buzz cut.
Low maintenance! I can see Paul embracing that! :)

Just please no wolverine look or grizzly adams ... save that up for the backpacking trip. I have an idea that might be fun, lets see who will come home with the most hair anywhere/everywhere! ... we could think up prizes for greyest, longest, peach fuzz! :) etc. We've got to get the girls involved to! I think that would be fun, what do you think? ... help me out with some ideas, okay? :)

I love Hattie's new Hats ... diaper hats, cowboy hats ...
I'm in anticipation of what hat will come next! :)

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