Monday, May 25, 2009

Tickets and tires

Wow...I hope this van isn't bad karma. I bought it on Thursday night. Saturday when driving back to Lubbock, I was pulled over for speeding (I guess I have had bad luck since moving to Lubbock). He pulled me over just a feet yards after a speed change sign, so I simply hadn't slowed down yet. Gratefully, the officer was kind - maybe because I was pregnant and Hattie was sleeping in the backseat - and only gave me a warning.

Sunday, when dropping off dinner at a friends' house, I heard a strange noise at the back of the van. I looked at the area where the noise was coming from, but saw nothing. Later when Sam and Brittney came to dinner, they said there was a bolt in my tire. Upon further inspection we discovered this:

Gratefully we patched it up easily, but now I'm worried about what other strange van trouble will happen!


Steven and Erika said...

DOn't worry Melanie! We had a flat a week into having the van and the dealership found an irate mother with both kids at 7:30 that morning! They fixed it and I haven't had a problem since so it was just a patience test I guess! There is a light that comes on on the dash when tire pressure is off be even a degree...make sure yours is on! Steven said you can turn it off but Im not sure how! Glad it got fixed fast!

Sharee said...

Bummer! what did you get? Sienna? I love mine!

The Tremendous Thomas Family said...

I thought I saw a new van in the driveway the other day! You will LOVE having a van!