Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers, tests, and eye drama

Many people have asked how my Mother's Day was. Too be honest, quite lame.

We were asked to speak in church on Sunday about mothers. I don't do very well when given such a vague assignment. So all week long I thought and read a lot, but I hadn't sat down to write anything. And neither had Paul. Literally, ALL day Saturday Paul worked on his talk...from 9 am to 11 pm. He did take break to help out a friend, as well as a walk around the block to clear his brain. That put me on Hattie duty, so I worked on mine during her nap and after she went to bed. Gratefully, Sunday morning, all turned out well...at least as far as the talks were concerned. Halfway through sacrament meeting I realized that Hattie had an eye infection...pink eye or something like it. So I sent Paul home with her while I stayed behind to teach Sunday School. The poor girl woke up from her nap with her eyes practically glued shut, saying, "EYES! EYES!" Paul had a big test the next morning, which he had hardly studied for because he devoted Saturday to his talk. So Mother's Day was quite stressful, trying to stay out of Paul's way so he could study, and keeping little Hattie happy through her goopy eyes. I was glad when the day was over!

Miraculously, Paul did fine on his test...far better than we expected considering how little he was able to study. But Hattie and I have been stuck at home for a few days now. Sure hope her infection clears up quickly.


Julianne said...

I don't think any moms should be asked to speak on mother's day...it should be a men-only day. For one Sunday a year, I think they can handle it.

I guess that's probably rude...oh well.

Peterson's said...

I guess duty calls right. Shawns always saying that I shouldn't have to do anything on Mothers day...but it kind of seems funny to not be a mom on mothers day, but I'll take it, do diaper changes, no dishes, no cooking! Better luck next year.

Nancy and Spencer said...

ah, BUMMER! :(