Friday, May 22, 2009

A very long week

It all began back in July, when we packed up our house and moved to Texas. Before going to Lubbock, we spent a week in Dallas with Paul's hang out with them and also to pick up some furniture we would be borrowing over the next four years. We loaded up my father-in-law's Dodge pickup and headed out.

So, for the last 10 months we've been in charge of the Iverson family truck. Most of the time, it sat idle in our driveway since it isn't the most reliable vehicle. But in February, our little Mazda started having some problems, so Paul didn't want me driving it anymore in case it broke down on me. So I started driving the truck. Let's just say that getting in and out of a 2-door truck with toddler and a growing pregnant belly is not fun or easy. This last month it has been more than uncomfortable. And I would often stay home rather than climbing inside. Not only do I dislike getting up into it, I feel like I'm 50 feet long when I drive it. It's too big for me to feel comfortable parking anyhwhere near other cars, so I always park in the back 40 of the parking lot at stores.

But alas, my truck driving days are over. Last Sunday Hattie, my father-in-law, and I drove the truck from Lubbock to Dallas. My goal in Dallas: to buy a minivan. Yup, we are a true suburban family now!

But finding the van is a story all in it's own, as almost all car buying experiences are. Let's just say that I will never trust one single word a salesman says, will inspect every feature and detail myself, and will bring someone along with me who is better experienced at negotiating! Thanks Erika!

This week in Dallas has been one of the most stressful in my recent memory. Before we left Lubbock, Hattie had been having some discharge from her eyes, but it never turned into pink eye. But once we were in Dallas, one of her eyes became infected and she was running a high fever. Diagonosis: pink eye, double ear infection, and bronchitis! Poor kid. She was so unhappy. And only I could console her, yet I was trying to buy a van at the same time, so she was miserable when I would leave her with my in-laws for a few hours. And I could feel some bronchitis starting in myself. So to make a long story a little bit shorter, we are both feeling a lot better, we have a van to take us home to Lubbock tomorrow, and I have never been so ready to see my husband again. I don't know how single moms do it!

Now that Hattie is feeling better, she has started to play and be her normal self...which includes discovering a pink marker and becoming an artist. Do you think she was trying to put lipstick on? And draw some knee pads?


Jamie Jo said...

Whoa! You did all the things I hate in one week: buying cars and having bronchitis. I have had bronchitis about 4 times now and every time I am laid up for weeks. Hope you recover fast!

Peterson's said...

We will be excited to have you back! Callie misses Hattie.
And we are very excited to see you driving the van all over town, I know you are SO excited!

Kristina and Brett said...

Oh wow! We have also had a very eventful week. Nothing like pink eye and bronchitis though! Can't wait to have you back, maybe I will actually get out of my house sometime and we can hang out!

sam and brittney said...

I am soo sorry to hear about Hattie! Poor girl! Can't wait to see the new van!

Kurt and Kristy said...

Oh man! Poor Hattie! Glad she is feeling better! I had no idea you were getting a mini van! I have to say Im somewhat jealous!

Heather said...

Congrats on the van. Sorry about the sickness tho!

Laura Bernard said...

Oh, how I wish I could drive a minivan again! My suburban is probably just like driving that truck, except I think truck beds are easier to back up; seems you can see the end easier.

Congrats on joining the soccer mom clan. Sorry about all the yucky eyes and ears. And always sorry to deal with car salesmen. One of my favorites was when we were trading in a vehicle that was worth around five thousand. When the salesman asked what we were hoping to get out of it and Aaron responded, "around five," the salesman replied back, "Five hundred, yea we can do that." And his name was Moses. Thou shalt not lie?

Anyway, sorry you had to endure it. Enjoy the new vehicle and a healthy baby.

kerri said...

Oooh. I so want a new (to us) car (van), and believe it is on the horizon, but the idea of dealing with the whole trade-in and negotiating thing is almost panic-inducing. Sorry you had to deal with that whilst also dealing with poor sick Hattie!

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