Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yes...Another non-picky eater!

I like to eat. There are few foods that I don't like (polenta, tofu, ... a few others), and I am always willing to try something new. Melanie is not this way (although she may argue with that statement in the comments). That being said, I have been worried that our children would be picky eaters too so you can imagine how the following event brought joy to my heart.

Last Saturday Melanie and I decided to just get take-out Pei-Wei rather than make dinner. We both love Chinese food but have always felt a little bad getting it since Hattie essentially only gets to eat the rice because we order spicy dishes. This time however we decided to let her try something new so I gave her a crab wonton. Melanie later told me that, when I gave it to Hattie, she thought, "Well that's a waste of a perfectly good wonton" (I figured it was better than giving her some of the "Blazin' Thai Noodles" or the "Spicy Dan Dan Noodles"). Hattie looked at it, took an exploratory nibble, and then devoured it, crab and all. She then went on to eat another wonton, 3 fortune cookies, and some brown rice. She topped the meal by drinking her sweet and sour sauce. Yes folks, Hattie is not a picky eater!


Steven and Erika said...

wow...Im impressed Hatters! I can't get Max to eat anything but cheese and milk and Keira strongly tells us every single dinner that it is "nucky" and she doesn't eat it....unfortunately that also means that she doesn't get anything to eat but so far this threat doesn't phase either of them!

Nancy and Spencer said...

Isn't it so much easier/nicer when they'll eat whatever is in front of them! Except when its a bug from outside. This mom has her limits. :)

Michael said...

haha! I wish I could have seen that. I want to come visit just to see the little chica. Maybe I'll make it down this summer, and hopefully we can all meet up--maybe even eat some thai. Sounds like all's well down there--great to hear it. aS