Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple core

Last Friday we had our friends, the Peterson's, over for dinner and games. The girls happily ran around in the back yard eating their apples (gratefully it wasn't windy that day for once). Hattie loves apples recently. But she only like whole apples, not slices...but she does pretty good with them. I've had to ignore her dropping them on the grass and picking them back up to take another bite...and turn my head as she starts biting into the core. Yum yum! They sat there for a long time just leisurely munching on their apples.

P.S. You can tell in the picture how little hair Hattie has. Callie is only 5 months older. Hattie could never have that much hair in another 5 months!


Snigger Fam said...

Cute! Hopefully she'll grow some more hair soon. But she's cute anyway. Dallin was practically bald for over a year. I think we gave him his first haircut at 18 months. :)

Steven and Erika said...

Is it that warm down there? We've been in coats all week but we are getting some HUGE heat wave in so it goes from 50 to 90 this weekend...blah! Whatever happened to spring! It went from cold to hot. It will get cold again here but I feel like spring has come and gone! Hopefully you are surviving TX ok....your summer has already begun...break out the baby pool!