Saturday, April 11, 2009

Springtime fun

My friend Nicole heard of something fun to do here in Lubbock...and we are always looking for things to do since it isn't the most eventful town. So we gathered our girls in the car and went to the local tractor supply store to see the baby chicks, ducks, and rabbits. The girls loved it. Hattie would reach toward the chick, I would pick one up, and then she would be too afraid to touch it. But she loved looking at them! She would love to be at my dad's house now with his new bunch of baby chicks.

Danielle was brave enough to hold the bunny

I think this will become a springtime tradition!


Kurt and Kristy said...

When was that!? That looks like fun!! So cute!

Tandy said...

melanie, that is SUCH a beautiful picture of you! and I love the haircut. hattie has so much hair now...nora's is starting to get a bit longer. fun that hattie's is curly, too! so cute!