Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Paul and I have begun to realize that our time here in Utah is quickly coming to a close...and that there are still tons of things we want to do before we go. I've never been to Arches National Park, and he's never been to Zion National Park or hiked the Y. We've heard of a hot springs up Spanish Fork Canyon. So, we are asking for suggestions of fun must-do things in Utah, outdoorsy, educational, or cultural. Let us know!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eat those Sharks

To celebrate the beginning of the semifinals for the Western Conference of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Aaron, Tandy, and Michael created this masterpiece, our personal voodoo doll against the Sharks. And, thanks to the cake, Dallas won in overtime, 3-2, over San Jose. Go Stars!

Note: During the first round, we supported our Stars by making Stars cookies and a Stanley Cup cake. Now we hope to make it to the Western Conference Finals, where we'll create a Red Wings cake to beat Detroit (since they'll certainly crush the Avalanche, hopefully - the Stars don't match up well against the Avalanche). Bring on the Cup!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pick up party

She gets more fun every day.

Other news:

- Paul will finish his thesis by tomorrow night, marking the end of his BYU career. Por fin!!!
- That means I graduated two years ago...I need out of this town.
- Is it possible? Running is starting to!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Patagonia Pal

Thanks to Facebook, I recently discovered my long lost high school friend, Lisa Edwards. After getting caught up on each others lives, she told me how she works at Patagonia. And since I'm much more outdoorsy since marrying Paul, I actually knew what Patagonia was and love their stuff. After a few more emails, she said that she had a bunch of samples in her office that she needed to get rid of and asked for my address so she could send me some of it. I was of course thrilled.

I was blown away when I got the package. It was akin to Christmas morning. Inside was a water-proof duffel bag, with probably 20 articles of clothing. Hundreds of dollars worth of gear.

Pictured above: Black dressy-ish sweater, amazing red rain jacket, black down jacket (super light weight and great for backpacking), black base layer, pink base layer, red running shirt.

Besides that, there were another couple of base layers for me, some for Paul, and even some for his brothers, some climbing pants and running shirts, rain jacket and down pullover for Paul, a fleece each for his brothers, a down vest, and a beanie. And I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I really can't describe how giddy I was the day it came. So, moral of the story, Facebook is wonderful and I love old friends who need to de-junk their office! Thanks again, Lisa!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A bear and a bunny

I took Rebekah and Hattie on a jog with me the other day. This picture was taken afterwards. Have you ever seen two girls that looked so completely bored and not amused? They stayed in their stoic state for about 5 minutes after the jog, amazingly enough.

Triathlon update: I have officially signed up now; I've paid real money so there's no backing out! I biked Monday morning after swimming, so I had wet hair, and of course it started hailing and snowing halfway through. Will spring ever come? I ran 5K yesterday. When I was heading out the door, Paul said to have fun. I told him that's impossible when running. I'm just not a runner. It's probably the farthest I've run in years. I also got some new running shoes, but have yet to try them out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A month of cousins

This month Hattie was blessed with 3 new cousins. I know she'll love it when she's older and has cousins to play with at reunions.

Maximilian Steven Mannewitz
Born March 5th
Son of Steven and Erika (Paul's sister)

Sophie Castleton
Born March 11th
Daughter of Mark and Sharee (Melanie's sister)

Luke Merrill Wilford
Born April 1st
Son of Jonny and Val (Melanie's sister)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This and that

I haven't posted in a while...I've been trying to upload a video of Hattie eating her first solids, but Blogger hasn't been treating me well. I suppose I'll have to be creative and think of something else to post.

Random bits:
I heard my sister is in labor, but then I realized it is April 1st, so I don't know what to think. But my mom doesn't seem like the April Fool's type.

I waited in the pediatrician's office for 1 solid hour before being helped. Are those shots worth it?

Paul and I are going out on a non-temple date tonight!

I swam 1/2 mile without stopping this morning.

Paul graduates in 3 weeks.

In lieu of the solid foods video, these pics will have to suffice.

This is Rebekah (5 mo), Gabriel (8 mo), and Hattie (6 mo). Rebekah lives upstairs and Gabriel down the street. I think us moms like play group more than the kids...they don't really play together yet...