Thursday, April 3, 2008

A month of cousins

This month Hattie was blessed with 3 new cousins. I know she'll love it when she's older and has cousins to play with at reunions.

Maximilian Steven Mannewitz
Born March 5th
Son of Steven and Erika (Paul's sister)

Sophie Castleton
Born March 11th
Daughter of Mark and Sharee (Melanie's sister)

Luke Merrill Wilford
Born April 1st
Son of Jonny and Val (Melanie's sister)


Steven and Erika Mannewitz said...

Yeah! We all made it!!! Congrats to Val and Sharee! Luke has got TONS of hair!! Cute Cute KIDS!

Melony and Todd said...

They are all so cute. Tell Mark and Sharee, Val and Johnny congrats. They are all so cute!!!