Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A bear and a bunny

I took Rebekah and Hattie on a jog with me the other day. This picture was taken afterwards. Have you ever seen two girls that looked so completely bored and not amused? They stayed in their stoic state for about 5 minutes after the jog, amazingly enough.

Triathlon update: I have officially signed up now; I've paid real money so there's no backing out! I biked Monday morning after swimming, so I had wet hair, and of course it started hailing and snowing halfway through. Will spring ever come? I ran 5K yesterday. When I was heading out the door, Paul said to have fun. I told him that's impossible when running. I'm just not a runner. It's probably the farthest I've run in years. I also got some new running shoes, but have yet to try them out.


Laura Bernard said...

Very cute. They may seem bored, but I don't know if I've ever found a kid that didn't enjoy being outside!

Great job on the running! You're amazing!

Karli said...

i dislike running too. i try to do a 5k most mornings when i'm in a good running routine, but it's like torture for a half hour till i'm done. (: You're inspiring me with your will to do a triathalon! I have been so unmotivated as far as eating and working out goes lately, so I'm grateful for your example! I need to get back on the wagon. (: love your posts. hattie is so dang cute.

Erin and Spencer said...

They almost look like they could be twins! I know... that big bottom on my blog is so funny! But that is just what I feel like! So last night we were on the freeway and when we passed Spanish Fork, spencer said "I love that Paul, I love that Paul". He didn't even look away from the road... we are going to cry when you guys leave!

Erin and Spencer said...

Also, spencer started a dumb blog called Pennyfathrington. A character that he and his brothers made up. If the past has shown anything, I think it is something Paul will like... it is so dumb, but funny, it's