Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pick up party

She gets more fun every day.

Other news:

- Paul will finish his thesis by tomorrow night, marking the end of his BYU career. Por fin!!!
- That means I graduated two years ago...I need out of this town.
- Is it possible? Running is starting to be...fun!


Steven and Erika Mannewitz said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious! Isn't there something about shaking baby syndrome? Oh that made me laugh :) Thanks for the smiles!

Laura Bernard said...

That's sort of like clean ups at my house, I'm just not holding them quite so tightly. And they would say that I'm yelling more, and mean and always making them clean up. Then they'll all swear to never make a mess again. I tell them I hope that's true.

I think Hattie's clean up is a lot more fun. In fact, I know it is.

Erin and Spencer said...

I love the pick up game, what a great way to teach her to clean up! I especially love the shakes! So if you are bored you should check out a video on You Tube called Charlie Bit Me! Its so funny! (make sure you get the one with the little kids, not the one with the people trying to re-make it!

Karli said...

so cute! i echo the charlie video comment-so funny.

hattie is getting to that super fun age. love the pick up game. i'll have to start trying with gray..haha! (:

hope you're doing well.