Thursday, November 4, 2010

A mouse and a pumpkin

Halloween has come and gone. Last year, Paul and I started making plans of what our family could be for Halloween. We talked about it randomly throughout the year. And of course we never came to a decision, so I ended up calling my wonderful sister who has lots of wonderful costumes for kids. Voila!
Doesn't Anna looked so much chubbier with the mouse hat on? She was definitely a big hit. And do you notice her crooked jaw smile? Weird.
Hattie wore the pumpkin costume randomly throughout October. Whenever she remembered what she was going to be for Halloween, she asked to put it on for a few hours. Thanks Sophie for letting us borrow it!
We went to our Children's Science Museum for a little carnival. Hattie loved her tattoo and playing all the games.
And Anna was a trooper, sucking on her long mouse tail most of the night while at the Trunk or Treat. Hattie is already starting to dream about next years costume...that and constantly asking if Santa is coming tonight. It'll be a long two months for this three-year old!


Sharee said...

Your girls couldn't be cuter!

Elise said...

Darling pictures. Sure make me miss you guys. When can we come again? :)

Nancy and Spencer said...

p.s. We have that sit-n-stand stroller. :)

Steven and Erika said...

Cute Mouse costume and hattie cracks me up! That grin reveals all the funness that is the Hatters :)

Erin and Spencer said...

So I got to thinking.... and you didn't come up to visit this summer!! SAD! When do you come through again? We will have to get dinner!