Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hattie's cuteness

I get a kick out of watching Hattie play. Hopefully you do too, because I seem to always post videos of her playtime. Paul hopes she turns into a soccer player.



Just now, I asked Hattie to choose which parent she wanted to have put her in bed. Paul and I were standing next to each other, facing the kitchen. She walked over to us, and, instead of hugging the parent of choice, got in line next to us facing the kitchen, waiting for something to happen and joining the crowd. She is starting to talk more and more. Some words include mom, dad, cat, dog, ball, nose, go, and Hattie. She also loves to watch Paul tinker around with his soccer ball...we'll have to catch it on video one of these days.

She has also become obsessed with a blanket my sister Lisa knitted for her. She takes it everywhere.

And she randomly started playing on her belly like this one day. What a kid.


LadyCarma said...

I get a kick out of watching her also. She is such a cutie. Why is it babies love to play in the cupboards? My children did it, my grandchildren do it. I guess it is more fun than toys. Or is it the spacial thing - take it out, spread it out, and walk away!

Steven and Erika said...

Keira LOVES watching the videos of Hattie. She always wants me to replay them! I want Keira to start soccer this year but with all my luck her favorite sport will be baseball...SHOOT ME!

Lisa Easton said...

I'm glad she likes her blanket - that is may favorite yarn. She is getting so big!

Jessie said...

curiouser and curiouser ... can't remember where that line came from ... Harry Potter maybe, Alice in Wonderland? Anyway that's Hattie, sooooo busy and curious! I love to watch her play and I love to play with her too! come visit!

Snigger Fam said...

What a sweetie pie! I love that kids are constantly discovering new things. She looks like a busy girl.

Ben, Telia and Aeden said...

What a cute girl you have. Babies are so much fun!