Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random happenings

Here's just some random things we've been doing/capturing on camera lately:
Hattie LOVES it when people come over. Every morning she asks if Brooklyn, Juliet, Grandma, Jonas and Anson, Callie, etc are coming over. So when the answer is actually "Yes" she gets overly excited and positions herself in front of the door to wait. She is a little socialite.
We went to the mall, and Paul actually put quarters in the machine. I was hoping Hattie would live in ignorance about what those toys were really for. The girls loved it, but now Hattie always asks if I have a quarter when we pass.
Boxes, a child's favorite toy
18 de septiembre! Chile's independence day, so my buddy Kristina came over to make yummy empanadas.

And this is my personal favorite. We have had a few awesome thunderstorms recently, turning our back porch into a mini swimming pool. Anna toyed with the idea of going into the water with Hattie for about 20 minutes, then finally fell in. She was not happy.


Elise said...

I love these darling pictures! Sure miss you guys.

Tandy said...

no way! i just made empanadas last week! i didn't even know we were celebrating! happy b-day to hatters and what cute pics of the girlies! that pic of hattie waiting in front of the door is especially funny.
looks like you're all doin' well! miss ya!

Robyn said...

Melanie, it's so fun to see your adorable girls! Wish I was there with you to make empanadas, I love them but I probably wont venture with my lack of cooking skills :) Miss you guys.