Friday, March 18, 2011

No, still not Irish

You knew it couldn't be too long before I posted about our St. Patrick's Day this year. We decided to throw another trap building party, I suppose in an attempt to pass our strange love of this random holiday on to others. I spent the day cleaning the house and rearranging furniture so there would be room for 14 adults and 15 kids! The girls got into our bin of green decor and loved smiling for the camera. (And Anna likes to copy her big sister...notice the crossed ankles)Eventually they got tired of waiting for everyone to show up and needed a snack break under the chair-less table. I love that they are finally starting to play together well and really became friends and playmates...probably partners in crime one of these days.
Hattie apparently got really tired of waiting and fell asleep 30 minutes before party time. This from a girl who rarely naps.
Anna was so sweet to Hattie as she slept. Anna, our constant hair-puller, was full of love pats, snuggles, and kisses for her big sister.

We had everyone bring an Irish dish to eat...or simply something green. We had a great dinner of Irish beef stew, colcannon, champ, corned beef brisket, Irish soda bread, rainbow fruit tray, guacamole, and homemade green Oreo cookies. Sadly, I always remember to take the food picture after we've eaten it all.
We had a nice picnic on the floor (with Darby O'Gill and the Little People playing the in background).

And then the trap building began. It was fun that Hattie was actually into it this year, constantly asking what our trap would be and how we were going to catch the leprechauns.
And here are the traps from this year:
The Cox Family trap, luring the leprechauns with a pot of gold
The Gerwigs, with a disguised rock that is a hidden trap
Our rather lame trap...there is bear claw in there to catch them. We spent so much time getting ready for the party that we kind of forgot to plan anything fancy for our trap. Oh well.
The Lindsay Family trap...cuz everyone likes a disco party!
And my favorite trap, the Glazier Family trap. It was certainly the coolest...check out the video.

All in all, a fantastic St. Patrick's Day party. But the best part is St. Patrick's day morning, when the kids discover what the leprechauns did.


Amanda said...

I am loving this idea it sounds so fun. Can you send me and e-mail with the details on how you do it? What does the leprechaun leave?

sam and brittney said...

Loved the party! You guys had one tricky leprechaun at your place!

Elise said...

This is such a cool idea. I thought of you this year. Hattie is looking so big!!

Kristina said...

SO SAD to have missed it! And we were totally planning a trap that hoisted our little friend into the air, so I am jealous of the Glaziers! Hopefully next year, everything looks fantastic!

Tandy said...

way to go, melanie, for being the first patty's day blog poster! we'll put ours up soon. i'm hoping michael and julia do too. theirs was pretty hilarious.
this party thing is a great idea. and cute pics of the kiddos!

Borland family said...

I've been waiting to see what the Iversons would cook up this year. One of these years i'll get on the ball and make a trap. I never heard of it until I started following y'alls blogs.

Val said...

Mel what's up with the green potty? Do the little guys tinkle green pee? What a lovely surprise in the morning! I'm glad the gold turns to chocolate instead of something else brown. Ha ha, sometimes I think I'm so funny. Looks like it was a fun time!

Steven and Erika said...

OUr trap was the fast toothbrush and the laundry basket but the results are always just as fun! I can't believe the candy haul you guys made...our leprechauns were light on our candy but we still got the gold! Fun to have a party too! we have passed this tradition on to several of our friends so maybe one day it will even become as big as Halloween!