Friday, September 9, 2011


No, I haven't completely fallen off the edge of the world (although my Lubbock friends might have thought so). We were just traveling. A lot. Too much. But of course it has been wonderful.

We left Lubbock June 18th, the day after Paul finished his last exam of 3rd year medical school (yes, he's officially in his last year now). We had a long, 15 hour drive to Orem, Utah. Proof:We took a drive up to Squaw Peak so the girls could see the view. Hattie: "I can see the whole world!"
We stayed 1 night and head 6 more hours north to Ontario, Oregon, where we would stay for 7 1/2 weeks. It didn't take long for the girls to quickly fall in love with Grandma's house all over again. Who wouldn't? 24 hour pool, huge yard, fresh strawberries, tree house, newborn kittens, fresh raspberries, chickens, swing set, trampoline, tons of toys, loads of cousins, 90 degree weather, and much more.
Thanks to our Science Spectrum pass, we got into the Boise Discovery Center free :) This was the Veterinarian hospital.
We went up to our family cabin in McCall, Idaho for a few days. Heaven. Absolutely one of my favorite places in the world. The girls loved the beach more than anything.See what I mean? Beautiful. See what you missed out on, Iverson family!?!And we hiked up to this little waterfall with Val and her kids.
Here's proof of our 4th of July celebration. Hattie LOVED the fireworks. I've always made her go to bed before they started in years past, especially since it doesn't get dark in Ontario until 10:30. So she was thrilled to stay up late and see them for the first time.More to come...just needed to post this to get started! And to provide proof that we are still alive.


LadyCarma said...

So fun to see how much they are growing. Thanks for your time and effort. Even though our paths may not cross for a long time, I still can feel a part of your family through your posts. You are awesome.

Steven and Erika said...

Awesome! Ive been looking forward to hearing about your summer! I totally know mccall is fantastic and we would have been there if it werent for all the wildness that was moving, expecting a baby, new schools, blah,blah, blah. It looks really fun and thats great the girls have such a fun place to go spend the summers. And YEAH for the last year of med school! Good luck and i cant wait to hear if your carrying a boy or girl!

Elise said...

Holy cow your kids just get cuter. Miss you guys!!!

Jamie said...

Your family is darling Melanie!