Monday, May 12, 2014

Silly things

Yes, there will soon be a post with details and pictures of our newest family member...but I wanted to make sure to document some funny things the girls have said recently.

Remember back in February when we went to Wisconsin Dells? And Paul and the girls did the ropes course? And although the girls didn't exactly hate the ropes course, they certainly didn't love it. Well, starting today, Paul has a week of paternity we planned to go to the zoo. Last night I told Paul that the zoo has a ropes course, and he, of course, told the girls that they were going to do it. Suddenly, neither girl wanted to go to the zoo anymore. 

After looking online, we weren't sure they would be able to...there might be a height requirement, but the website was unclear. So Paul said that we would see when we got there if the girls were tall enough to participate.

But upon arrival, Paul realized he had flip flops regardless of the height requirements, they wouldn't be able to do the ropes course. The girls were thrilled.

Later this afternoon, Hattie came over to me, bright-eyed, and said, "Mom, He answered my prayer, but not in the way I thought He would. I prayed that we wouldn't be tall enough to do the ropes course, but instead Dad forgot his tennis shoes!!"

And now an Anna anecdote. Yesterday, after cleaning out the dishwasher, Anna came to us and said, "Something crazy happened with the sharp knives...they just floated to where they belong!!" Ha! Is it bad that I'm proud of her for not being afraid of knives, but not proud because she lied about it, for fear of getting in trouble? She is my crazy girl. 

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Keegan said...

Way for Hattie to give credit to Heavenly Father. That doesn't seem like a bad thing. Maybe if you prep them far in advance they will do better next time? And I love Anna's explanation. That's so funny. At least she lied creatively . . . ? :)