Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hattie just asked me if I knew how to post stuff onto this blog. It's our homescreen on our web browser and she is tired of seeing "C-section Soap Box" for the last 11 months. Understandably so. Sadly with homeschooling, certain things get neglected...laundry, clean house, this blog. At least on not neglecting my kids, right? So in order to change things up, here's some pictures from the last 7 months. (and Len, I have partially started this up again for you :)
Anders has been our sweetest, easiest baby

Niels is generally smiley and loves to make us happy

He likes to snuggle in my bed

Laura and her kids came to visit last summer

And we had to stop at the zoo train

4th of July (with friend Savannah)

Northern California coast for a Dame reunion

Loved the sand (with cousin Sophie)

The boys and I hung out while Paul took the girls kayaking

I think this was Anna's fourth birthday to be celebrated at Grandma Dame's house...and she is only 5. She associates her birthday with cousins at Grandma's house

Fun with sisters...minus Laura

While on a trip to the Oregon coast, Paul hiked Mt. Saint Helens...

While I took a day hike with the kids

Rose gardens in Portland

Awesome Iverson reunion t-shirts

Paul did another Tough Mudder

And I did a lot of homeschooling

He's become obsessed with trains...anything with an engine actually

Hattie turned 7

Anders just got cuter

Anna lost her first tooth

We visited beautiful Door County in Wisconsin...gotta go back again

And our Lego Movie Halloween

Believe it our not, this was actually part of a history lesson...yes, homeschooling is great :)

The first snow of a very snowy winter

Family pictures!!!

Entertaining Anders while we try to do school

And a very cold, fun Packers game in December

With any luck, I'll post again soon...knock on wood. 

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Eden said...

Love reading your updates! Your kids are getting so big. We really do need to get together this fall! Love ya!