Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baby Grins and Blessings

Hattie has begun to smile a lot. It has definitely made parenthood more rewarding...instead of talking to a live doll, she feels more like a real person as she now responds to us somewhat....but only as long as she's well fed. Her optimum time for smiling is just after eating or waking, so we try to take advantage and enjoy her baby grins. Next step, laughter...

It was a nice weekend, full of family and eating out. My parents came in to town on Friday night and took us out to dinner. Hattie had a freak-out moment, which is gratefully very uncharacteristic. So we didn't get to enjoy dinner much since we were just trying to get her to calm down. Paul's dad and sister arrived on Saturday evening and once again we went out to eat, but she was an angel, content to stare at the ceiling light the entire time. I'm never sure how she'll be when we go out, so we just try it anyway and hope for the best!

Highlight of the week: Hattie's blessing. We were able to have quite a bit of family around for her blessing, considering that most of them traveled quite a bit. In addition to the grandparents, Lisa and her family where here, as well as Paul's brothers who live in Provo still, and three of our uncles.


Laura Bernard said...

Oh, she is so so cute. In that video she reminds me of Paul, but I haven't thought that before, so maybe it was just the day. Who do you think she looks like? Her blessing gown is beautiful. Is that an Iverson pass along? Thanks again for blogging! I love it! I can actually see Hattie and know a little more what's going on!

LadyCarma said...

The comment from the older gentleman in Walmart, I am sorry to say, is so typical of people. They don't really look at clothing. They only look at the baby face. So don't take it too seriously. Their comments mean they care.

Adorable blessing outfit. She does have the look of her daddy, but her mommy's cute mouth. I am so glad there was family around to support her blessing.

I love blog sites. I get to see the babies growing with each new picture. Keep up the great work.