Monday, December 10, 2007

Cute pics

A blog is just another place to show off my little bug...We went out to dinner to celebrate Paul finishing his undergraduate classes. At long last . But sadly, he still won't graduate until April since he hasn't finished his thesis, which he was under the impression that he could finish up later. So technically he'll still be a student, but at least we don't have to pay any tuition!Paul and I left Hattie in her swing while we were reading in bed...when I went out to check on her, she'd almost slid all the way out! I'd better start strapping her in now...Like all babies, Hattie loves sleeping on parent's tummies...too bad this was right before her last feeding, and this little power nap was enough to keep her wide awake until 12:30. We learned our napping after 7:00 pm.She loves her bumbo chair! And we think she looks pretty darn cute in it.


Laura Bernard said...

Love the swing and bumbo pictures. I've never yet had a baby fall out of a swing, but I have had plenty discovered just like Hattie.

Laura Bernard said...

I was just showing Grace and James your recent photos. Grace saw Paul and said "That's my uncle. He gives the best hugs." Funny, huh? I don't remember anything about Grace and Paul hugging? Do you? Then she said she wanted to hold Hattie. Someday . . . Someday.

kerri d said...

Love the Bumbo picture. I got one thinking it would be great for keeping Charlie from being run over, but he always arched his back and hated it. So, you don't need to haul yours up for the holidays, I'll just bring ours to Grandma's house! Can't wait to see you guys.