Sunday, May 18, 2008

Call Me Patters...Hattie Patters, Ankle-Biter

So I went up the mountain for work this past Tuesday. Yes, we actually say I am going "up the mountain." It almost has a pilgrimage sound to it..."And behold, he journeyed 'up the mountain' and the stars looked down upon him and the research was good." Anyway, I came back down on Friday and, lo, what did befuddle me greatly but the Hattie Patters doing this.

Everyone start wearing socks, Hattie is almost a mobile ankle-biter. On Tuesday she was an inadvertent roller/flopper. Now she is almost crawling and deliberately rolls until she gets where she want to go. I am afraid to go back up the mountain again. Who knows, maybe the next time I come down she will be almost walking! Now nothing is safe. Everything in our house just gained two feet of elevation.


Linford Family said...


Well, I am woriking on my masters in Spanish Linguistics here at the University of Montana. I love it so far. After I finish my masters I will get my PhD and teach Spanish at a University somehwere. I still have 3-4 years left of school yet. I love Spanish and teaching it though, I have a Teachers Assistantship so I teach Spanish 101 and 102 while going to school and have loved it so far. My parents moved to Council, ID. It's about 45 min. north of Weiser near McCall. Are you or your husband going to school? By the way, the Jane Autsin blog was interesting although it hasn't really inspired me to watch or read anything of hers yet... :) I'm sure my wife would disagree though...and congrats on the almost mobile child!


Laura Bernard said...

That is hilarious! I've never had a baby worm like that. What doll! Have fun adjusting to a baby destoyer.

kerri d said...

Exciting! Adorable! Love the nick-name, too. Isaac learned to roll while Mark was on a business trip... maybe he started crawling on a second one. Anyway, Paul is in good father company - sad to say. Can't wait to have Charlie steal toys from Hattie & she can chase after him!