Friday, May 2, 2008

More suggestions

Since we've recently started a blog with Paul's brothers and sisters that is also entitled "The Iverson Family" we've felt a need to spice up our blog with a more snazzy name...but mostly so that we don't get the two confused. After sitting in front of the computer last night for 30 minutes, suggesting names back and forth (lame ones like" MPH" for Mel, Paul, and Hattie or "Say Eight" in honor of our favorite comedian), we came up with nothing.

So again, any input would be great. We are two not very creative people and we appreciate creative people like you.


Steven and Erika said...

I always wondered where "is being have" came from? how about something like..."the typical family" or something like that. Like peter paul and molly...Pelden, Mel and Hattie...or hattie, Paul and Melly? Pelden was an old nickname of Pauls. not too creative either but trying to help!

Laura Bernard said...


Mel and Paul's Love Fest

That's all I got!

Josh & Jessica Jensen said...

hey Mel its Jessica Jensen...of course you can see that now but...anyway, how are you guys doing? Hattie is so cute! we Just had our secon little girl. Her name is Ella Madison.I'd love to chat sometime!!

kerri d said...

I think "I's Being Have" or "Save Eight" are good because they are unique to you, then you can use the subtitle to write your names or explain the title, if you want. But maybe I'm just saying that since my blog doesn't use our names in the title :)