Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parties and Playtime

Funny that I'm finally posting pictures of my trip to Ontario a few weeks ago...and I am currently packing to leave for Ontario again! It's a busy month, so I'm slow on this blogging thing.

I was home for a whole week and simply relaxed. I spent a few days with Lisa and Val in Nampa, a few days sewing Paul an apron for Father's Day, an afternoon with my cousin Janice, and had a lot of time to spend with my parents. And my dad and I started watching the John Adams miniseries. I only got to watch the first two episodes. Is it sad that I am anxious to go home again so that I can finish?

We had a big party on Saturday, the 14th, to celebrate my mom's birthday, my nephew Sam's birthday, and Father's Day. Here are the highlights:

Hattie with Cousin Kate and Great Grandma Lula

Some of the MANY kids that were running around that day...I think there were 13 total.

Hattie and her newest cousin, Luke

Me, Abby, and Val enjoying the 72 degree pool

Andrew sporting Spencer's swimming suit from the 80's

Mom and Sam blowing out candles

Somehow, I forgot to get pictures of the chickens. Yes, my family has chickens. My dad bought some for Easter for the grandkids, and has ended up raising them himself. He built a chicken coop and everything. They are fully grown now, and ready for butchering. He likes to let them out when all the grandkids are over and have a contest to see who can catch the chickens. He feeds them every morning and really loves it. I think he'll have a hard time butchering them, he's become so attached!


Brooke said...

Hey....maybe I could catch a ride to Ontario with you?? No, I'm kidding. My mom is actually coming soon my younger brother's wife just had a baby so she's coming to help. Looks like you had fun with the family. I love getting together will all of my brothers and their kids...but I can only handle it for so long, the chaos and noise is a lot to handle.

Steven and Erika said...

Thats funny. I can see your Dad running around trying to catch them with a big grin on his face :) Looks like a super fun trip with lots of family and you got to see all the new ones! Cute Hattie is just so ...CUTE! We need a pic of this hilarious flat smile that everyone is talking about...dad loves it! Im also glad to know that Keira isn't the only one who has major separation anxiety...except she still kinda has it! Im rather glad she is attached to me though :)