Thursday, June 26, 2008

The End

No more storage units for me! As of yesterday at 6 pm, I'm finished. I've worked my last day at All Safe Storage. No more being stuck at home from 9 am to 6 pm. No more having to deal with some very unique tenants. No more having people knock on my door at 10 pm, asking me to unlock their unit. No more free rent. No more having to spray the office with air freshener over and over again from smoke-smelling customers. No more having my landlord/boss joking in public (and having people believe) that I am his wife. No more having to live in a house that only has three working ceiling lights. No more wonderful neighbors who listen for Hattie on the monitor while I go running. No more threats of lawsuits. No more having to auction off foreclosed units. No more having to be mean and make people pay late fees. No more hearing the beep of the gate opening as tenants go back to the units. I get to enjoy relative silence from now on.

We went and got Hickory Kist fudge to celebrate. Yum.


Noelle said...

That must be quite a relief (although I must say free rent is quite desirable...) What fun, onto bigger and better things. :)

Steven and Erika said...

YEAH!!! Never heard of this fudge...sounds good though :)

Brandon and Jenn said...'ll miss the excitement!