Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was able to spend a whole week in my favorite home-away-from-home. I came up with Hattie to McCall, Idaho a week ago for some family meetings and family playtime.

The fun started on the morning of the 4th. I guess it was more masochistic than fun. We had the Polar Bear Swim to the island. The water was probably in the 60s. I could hardly breathe - I was so cold. But we had good times. Zoom in on my sister Val's face in the water to get an idea.

Here we are making our way to the island. It was probably about a 1/2 mile. My sister Lisa was the winner...for about the third year in a row. I wish I had my wetsuit from the triathlon! (Paul was the picture-taker in the kayak...he floats like a rock, but I'll talk him into doing it next year.)

Later that day we went to Ice Cream Alley, a McCall summer tradition. As kids, when we would go to McCall, it seemed like we got ice cream every other day...riding the boat into town and having ice cream was certainly our favorite activity. I think I have a picture of me and my cousins sitting on this same bench when I was a kid.

Abby Wilford, Mack and Andrew Easton, Hattie, Myra Bernard, Natali Easton, and Grace Bernard

That night we had a BBQ and games for the kids...and the adults. Hope you enjoy some of the highlights.

Later that night, Paul and I watched the fireworks in the bed of my sister's truck. Too bad some trees blocked some of the fireworks. The highlight was my niece Abby saying "BOOM" after every firework and copy-catting all of our commentary.

Saturday morning we were scheduled to do a ropes course. We had lots of fun and got lots of sun and bug bites. Paul and I both enjoyed the Vines.

He also attempted the "Panther Pole" which was harder than it looks. Out of our whole group, only one person was able to grab the trapeze.

It was a fun, hot day. Hattie did great with the babysitters...or at least I assume she did. I was beat by the end of the day, but was up for a little swimming with the kids.

And now Hattie and I are back in Ontario...both with colds. Sniffle. And Paul is "up the mountain" for the last time ever.


Mana and Annette said...

last time ever up the mountain.....sad :(

Erin and Spencer said...

you guys always have so much fun! When are you going to start taking us on your vacations?

Erin and Spencer said...

Yes, we are still good for dinner on the 21st!

kerri d said...

Love your video clips (and photos). One correction: the final event at the ropes course was called the "Panther" not "pamper" pole!
Though we were ready to get our kids home to their own beds, I always wish we could do it again in a couple of weeks rather than another whole year.