Saturday, September 20, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos

I love birthdays. And today is Paul's! The big 28. Gratefully he has no studying to do because of his test yesterday, so we have him all to ourselves.

We went out last night and enjoyed dinner and Bahama Bucks...I never knew that shaved ice could be so good! I think they have around 80 flavors. This morning we tried sleeping success, thanks to Hattie. So we got an early start on presents.

(Mom, of all the things you could have picked, this was the best! He's been talking about this game for months!)

(We scored Erika, he loved it!)

Then Paul was able to do one of his favorite We went out and got the new Brisingr book and picked up a pie (since Paul doesn't really like cake) at a fabulous little bakery that I discovered by sheer luck. It was amazing...since it was our first time in the shop, they threw in some sample cookies and a dozen cheese rolls! Talk about customer service! I'm already dreaming of our next visit.

All and all, a good birthday so far. Happy birthday, my love.


Steven and Erika said...

Yeah...Happy Birthday Paul! I hope you enjoy a very fine salad this evening :) Hope you had a good day and that Brisingr is good so far! I am going to get it tonight!

Laura Bernard said...

Happy Birthday, Paul! Glad you got the day off. And hope you get a house as a follow-up gift this week! Water 24/7! And working AC! Except now when it does stop, you have to pay to fix it! Best of luck!

Melina Ficek said...

Happy Birthday, though I have never met you. I hope you like Brisingr, I am anxiously awaiting my copy in the mail!!

Jessie said...

Well, here's your own mother finally adding her Happy Birthday wishes to your Blog! ... I did ring your cell and left a Happy Bday message :)

... and I have been looking forward to your visit over conference weekend and to celebrating yours and Hattie's Bday. We'll all be able to enjoy it together!

Looks like you had a good day though! The pictures are great! ... Bdays with your own kids are so much more fun don't you think?

I just want you to know I'm glad you are my son!
XXOOxoO :)

kerri d said...

Sorry this is belated wishes: Happy Birthday!! As you may have heard, Mark & I were traveling and we didn't get on a computer even once during the entire week! (No excuse for not calling, though... just have to admit that w/o my calendar under my nose I don't remember what's going on.) Love you guys!