Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, rain, don't go away

Just to remind you of how anxious we are to move to our house, let me give you some highlights from the week:

- the water was shut off 4 times this week...a record so far.
- a man knocked on our door at 9:00 pm in the pouring rain with only shorts and a coat on to ask for a cigarette...quite the door approach. Paul said he was drunk.
- someone stole our laundry basket, of all things.

On another note, this morning it was foggy. I love the fog. I only remember 1 or 2 foggy days in all my years in Utah, but for those of you from Ontario (or who were on Study Abroad with me in London), fog is a normal thing. I have always loved it. It makes me want to bundle up in a blanket, grab some hot chocolate, and read poetry. Weird. So now that I've had a foggy day in Lubbock, it feels even more like home. Hattie and I went on a walk in it (at 7:30 am) and it was so peaceful and quiet (probably because it WAS 7:30 am). I hope it wasn't a fluke and that it happens regularly here.

Another thing I love about Lubbock is that when it rains, it RAINS. I've never lived in the Midwest, so it's new to me to be driving down the street in a foot of water. We haven't seen the sun here in about a week, I think. They even closed school yesterday because of the rain. Gratefully, no rivers are close, so no big chance of flooding.


Laura Bernard said...

I was just talking to Aaron yesterday about the fog we had in Ontario. Ironically we were driving through a rainstorm and he said, "Did you ever have rain like this growing up?" And that brought on fog. And it made me wonder if that was a skewed memory or if Ontario really did have a lot of fog. Glad you confirmed it for me.

So, have you had a nice thunderstorm with all that rain? Never really been through a thunderstorm until we moved to Indiana. It's amazing how bright the sky can get and how LOUD the thunder can be. Enjoy it. And sorry about the water in your house. Pits. Crazy man at the door reminds me of Kerri's post from their McCall trip. Crazy, huh?

Nancy and Spencer said...

I thought i was the only crazy one who liked fog! Like you, it makes me want to bundle up in a blanket, drink cocoa, and sit by a window to read and glance out at cars suddenly appearing out of "thin air". It fogged a lot in the winter of my hometown in Covina, CA. Not so much here in NJ though. Ahh, memories!