Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brown out

This picture doesn't quite do it justice. But "brown outs" are common in Lubbock, and afterward, I'll have 1/4 inch of dust on our entry way and dust layered on our windshield wipers like snow. This particular day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but it felt overcast...and the wind was terrible. Someone said that because of the brown outs, houses in Lubbock tend to have fewer windows. I'm still glad we have lots, even if they will be a pain to clean.

It gives me an idea of what it would have been like during the dust bowl.


Laura Bernard said...

Crazy! I guess there's yucky weather everywhere, even if it seems better than what we're having. Right now I have ice on the inside of my windows as the temperatures outside are -25 windchill, at least that's what they were yesterday. Now the snow is coming down, adding another 3 to 5 to what we've already got on the ground.

I am glad I don't have to clean up that dust, though. Sounds horrible!

kerri d said...

I'll pass on either of those!

I feel so lucky to be having 30 degrees and snow that only remains on the grass. No dust or ice build-up. It's amazing to me that people settled in Iowa in the first place -- I mean, back in log-cabin days.

Mel, sounds like you guys should get a pressure washer so you can more easily clean the outside of your home on a relatively frequent basis.

Erin and Spencer said...

It looks like right before a tornado is about to start! Crazy, I have never seen anything like this-- probably because I have never been to Texas!

Kristina and Brett said...

hmmm . . . on the mission we used the term "brown out" for something completely different. . .

p.s. I fell off the face of the earth but climbed back on again! Let's get together yeah yeah yeah (You did so well with the no bananas song I thought I'd try another)