Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna's blessing day

We were finally able to bless Anna in church last Sunday. Being nearly 4 months old, she was quite a big baby on her blessing day, despite the fact that she was 6 weeks premature. There's nothing preemie about this girl now! My mom and Dad were amazed at how big she was. We were lucky enough to have both my parents in town from Oregon, as well as Paul's dad, sister Christina, and brother Daniel.

It was nice to have both my side and Paul's side of the family together. Hattie certainly got spoiled by grandparent attention!
Anna was blessed in the same dress as Hattie...I still think they look so much alike!

We regularly call our babe "Anna Banana" so we joked on the way to Church that Paul would mess up and name her Anna Banana instead of Anna Isabelle. Or we feared that when Hattie heard Paul say "Anna Isabelle" she would shout out "No! Anna Banana!" Gratefully, all went smoothly.

I love her sideways grin!

I love how Paul and I are also puckering up! Hattie is a great big sister.


Nate and Robin said...

Very fun. Anna looks so cute in her dress.

Nancy and Spencer said...

Precious! And i totally agree that Anna is a mini-Hattie. What a beautiful dress too.

Laura Bernard said...

So glad mom and dad were able to be there. Where was Jessie? Sick?

She looks adorable, as does Hattie. Enjoy mom this week.

LanaBanana said...

Everyone looks so good! I love all the pictures. I'm so happy that she is doing so well and growing so big!! guys make the sweetest family. :)

Andrea said...

Your girls are so delicious! I just want to bite their precious cheecks. It was good to see a picture of your parents too. They look like how I always remember them. Great people!

Peterson's said...

she REALLY looks like hattie in that smiling picture. I was glad that my mom watched Reese so I could come for the blessing!

rynearsonfamily said...

What a sweetheart! Their really is something special about seeing a little girl in her blessing dress!

kerri said...

Love love LOVE that last picture with you all puckering!!
I'm so happy for you that both sides could be there. Your mom expressed how much she completely enjoyed Lubbock and your home.
Glad that Hattie didn't shout out during the blessing... :)