Sunday, November 8, 2009

Extra babes

For the last two weeks I have had my hands extra full. I have been babysitting Laila, a sweet 10-month old whose parents are finishing up their clinical rotations for occupational therapy. Although it is certainly more work, it hasn't been too crazy either. Hattie loves to have someone to play with all the time, and she is learning to share more than she ever did before. It does get crazy when all three girls are hungry at the same time or need to nap at the same time. Hattie and Laila often keep each other awake as they cry falling asleep. Or I have to nurse Anna while Laila and Hattie sit on my lap. But on an average day, there is usually only about 30 minutes of pure chaos. Besides that, it's been wonderful. I love having a little friend for Hattie.

But with this Hattie is becoming more bossy. The other day, Hattie spilled her Teddy Grahms all over the kitchen floor. I asked her to pick them up quickly before Laila got to them, since Laila is still quite toothless. Hattie said, "Mama try." So I got down to help her clean up. As Hattie reached down to pick up her first Teddy Grahm, she said, "Ugh. It's a big one! Laila, help me!" Already she's trying to pass the buck to others to do her work!


kerri said...

Wow, two weeks! But only 30 mpd of choas is pretty good... I'm not sure if my average is that low ;) First child bossiness is pretty normal - and pretty adorable some moments. Love Hattie trying to get Laila to clean up her mess!

Iverson Family said...

YOu are such a super star! I am so glad it is going well! That is so nice to have a play mate for Hattie everyday!

See you tomorrow:)

WhitJ said...

That part about the Teddy Grahm is too funny, she will make a great big sister! She will have Anna cleaning her room in no time.

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