Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hattie growing up

Hattie has been a lot of fun lately. Fewer tantrums. More obedient. More talkative. More patient. More creative. She has become obsessed with her baby doll, constantly changing her diaper, wrapping her in blankets, nursing her, and putting her to sleep. It's fun to see her grow up. Last night we got a babysitter. All day long I told her that she would have a babysitter who would put her to sleep. So as she and Rebecca sat on the couch, I went to hug Hattie goodbye. She quickly pushed me away and said, "Just go Mom." Well! I'm glad she doesn't have any problems with babysitters!

Hattie also loves to take pictures with the camera, and this one didn't turn out half bad (in comparison).

She also loves to go see Dad at school. We go up there every so often for lunch. Hattie usually spreads her lunch out all across his study room. We all enjoy the break.

Yesterday we checked out the local cupcake shop, Peace o' Cake. Hattie was in heaven picking out her cupcakes, and could barely handle the drive home before she could eat them.

And here is our chubby Anna. It's hard to get a good picture of soon as she sees the camera she stops smiling. How I got a blue-eyed baby I sure don't know, but I hope her eyes stay this color!


Bethany Thompson said...

aahhh... aren't the cupcakes at peace o cake so yummmy... expensive but so worth the price!!! glad you got some... they are usually sold out when we try to go!!

Shannon said...

So I know I'm forever late in posting, but I just had to say hello! I LOVE the picture of Hattie looking longingly at the cupcakes! So cute! You have the cutest little girls Melanie! Love ya!

Elise said...

Your girls are so adorable. Hattie cracks me up! She's so sweet.

Snider Family said...

Ahh yes. I remember the "let's visit daddy and bring him food" days. Your little ones are so cute!!!