Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laughing Banana

I noticed that I rarely take videos of Anna. She is such a calm and observant baby - not a busy body like Hattie was. So I was glad to finally catch her giggling on camera. Enjoy!


Steven and Erika said...

She is so FUN! Love it! What a cute laugh and smile! Sam is at this stage and I enjoy every bit of it...even the late night feedings. Steven thinks I am crazy but I love 4m-18m and then they are crazy! Cute baby girl and she looks like paul I think!

Kristina said...

she is getting so interactive!! it is so crazy watching these babies grow up. they need to slooooow down.

kerri said...

Love it!! Isaac liked comparing her to David - both wiggly. Miss you guys - when you coming out this summer??