Sunday, November 20, 2011

2 trips to Dallas

Since Paul spent the month of October in Dallas doing a rotation at Baylor Hospital, we went out to see him a few times. We would have stayed the whole time, but after being in the West for 10 weeks, we were ready to be home.

This is how the girls spent General Conference...watching Netflix with headphones. 
Grandpa Iverson makes the best root beer...Anna drank nothing else.
Hattie zonked out on the carpet, a rare occasion for my high-energy 4 year old.
The girls loved "playing" with Uncle Daniel. He didn't seem to mind having pillows and blankets piled up on him. I am glad that they love him and play with him.
Anna, my girl who loves to line up her toys in perfect rows, made sure that she and all her toys were cozy on the chair.
Sadly, this peace and quiet only lasted about 40 minutes of the drive :(
On the second trip I took the girls to the Dallas World Aquarium...a totally awesome place if you are ever in the DFW area.
Hattie with the flamingos
Watching the penguins being fed
Hattie was so happy to be so close to a bird
 Hattie was terrified to go into the shark tank when I told her that we could watch them feed the sharks. She kept saying she wouldn't go in, and I wasn't going to force her. But once she got down there, she walked right on in to the tunnel...I don't think she realized they were sharks at first - just though they were big fish. Eventually I told her they were sharks and she just wanted to watch them swim and eat.
It was a fun outing with just me and the kids...makes me anxious for when we live somewhere with lots of stuff like this to do!

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