Friday, November 11, 2011

Trying to blog better

Blogging obviously hasn't been my thing lately. I always mean to update my blog, then I realize how far behind I am on downloaded pictures, not to mention laundry and grocery shopping. So it has been sadly neglected. But I'm determined to do better, at least until I get caught up. Here's a preview of what's to come in future posts:

Utah! The conclusion of our 10 week trip in the west

Paul's 31st birthday
Hattie's 4th birthday
Multiple trips to Dallas
(no, that's not my son on the right...a friend caught a ride with us)
Trip to Albuquerque for the Hot Air Balloon Festival

And of course Halloween!
Besides these more exciting highlights, we have just been busy around here. Paul spent the month of September in El Paso, and the month of October in Dallas, both times doing a radiology rotation at the hospital there. So I had plenty of alone time. Gratefully we were able to see him a lot on the weekends. Now he is traveling all over the country doing residency interviews. I feel like a travel agent/secretary. My spare time is spent buying plane tickets, reserving hotel rooms, coordinating interview details, and preparing a travel itinerary for him. For example, he is currently driving to Temple, Texas for an interview tomorrow. He'll drive home tomorrow (Saturday) night, catch a flight Sunday morning for Richmond, VA, and interview in Richmond on Monday. Immediately after the interview, he has to go to the airport to catch a flight to Fargo, ND, where he'll interview on Tuesday. Again, as soon as that interview is over, he flies to Wichita, KS for an interview on Wednesday. That evening he'll fly home to Lubbock. But Thursday morning he has to put in a 1/2 day shift in the ER, before leaving that afternoon to drive to El Paso for an interview on Friday. And that concludes the madness for the week. I think we have about 3 or 4 weeks like that scheduled, with a different town every day, usually a different state. Although all the planning is stressful, it's exciting that we are getting closer to finding out where we'll be living once he graduates. Hurrah!


Sharee said...

Fun pitures! Miss you and your cute girls. We are hoping it works to see you the end of this month!

The Jessups said...

Okay, I'm guessing he didn't think El Paso (my home town) was grand, but that is because you probably didn't have someone to tell you where he should stay, and all the fabulous Mexican food he should eat. :) If you guys end up in El Paso, you HAVE to contact me! El Paso is HUGE, and I can give you all the in and outs. Where to live, schools, etc. Someone is trying to get us back there, so who knows. Maybe we'll see you there. :)