Saturday, March 3, 2012

Around the house

Niels is a month's hard to believe. Since we haven't been out much with a new baby in the house, we've got a lot of random and cute photos from the last month.

 He loves to sleep on his tummy, especially on Paul, but we still make him sleep on his back.
This was the girls' Valentine's Day lunch. My mom thought of all sorts of food we could cut into heart shapes. They loved it and now always want tortillas cut into shapes. My mom also spent all of Valentine's Day, and quite a few of the following days, cutting out hearts for the numerous Valentine's Hattie wanted to make for her friends.

 We got out our St. Patrick's Day decor the other day and the girls loved it.

 He's a crazy little baby, proving to be more work than the girls were. He's a good eater, but he's just not very content...even with a full tummy, clean diaper, and freshly awake from a nap he'll often cry and want to be held/bounced/pacified. But he is ridiculously cute and we are quickly adapting to be a family of 5.
Here's a picture from Paul's phone that I didn't have earlier when posting about his birth. This was taken in the OR just minutes after he was born.
We've also had to get used to not having my mom's help. During her 2 weeks in town, (in addition to cleaning, cooking, shopping, washing, etc) she cured Hattie of waking me up every night in the middle of the night, as well as curing both girls of their TV addiction. Sure, they still  like to watch shows, but now it's not the first thing they ask for in the morning, and constantly throughout the day. We've gone many days without turning it on at all. My home is so much more peaceful, even with a 3rd, crying child. I was blessed with such an amazing, talented mother. She understands children and has so much patience with them. Every time I am with her I learn so much and come away with so many ideas of how I can be a better mother. Thank you again, Mom, for everything you have taught me and done for me.


Steven and Erika said...

Hattie grows up in every picture I see of her. She is turning into a beautiful smart little girl! It's so fun to see Anna and that smile and Niels is SUPERcute and tiny! That breaks my heart he crys so much! It makes me cry to hear my babies cry so I'm a human pacifier for the first 3 months or more. I carry my babies around all day like everyone says not to and they sleep with me which means no sleep for me but I sure love their warm snugly babyness. Steven says I spoil them too much but you can't spoil a baby! Wish I could give that sweet boy some good snuggles...he's perfect! Good job Paul and Melanie...cute kids!

Andrea said...

Congratulaions Mel! I've been so preoccupied in my own bubble, I didn't even know you were expecting. He is such a handsome guy! I have a feeling both of our little guys are in for lots of mothering from their older sisters!!