Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another St. Patrick's Day without catching a thing

These Legos perfectly represent last Friday...Match Day and our annual St. Patrick's Day party. (Thanks Steve M for using your Lego divination powers to find them!)
Paul decided that this year we would make a cooler recent years we were so busy getting ready for the party that we didn't put too much effort into our trap. So we took a trip to Lowe's for some wood, and Wal-Mart for spray paint. We did some prep work before the party...
Dinner first... shepherd's pie, chicken and dumplings, Irish soda bread, roasted potatoes and asparagus, rainbow jello, homemade root beer, and pizza for the kids.
Then it was back to the garage to finish it up.

The Miller family trap...I love their rock wall. We'll have to incorporate one into ours next year.
The Lindsay family trap
The Mayer family trap
The Flake family trap
The Foutz family trap
On Saturday morning, Hattie came to our bedroom announcing that she had stepped on a lot of chocolate in the hall. Paul gave her a flashlight to investigate.
Somehow we didn't get a great picture of the girls with the trap. You can see behind Anna's head that there was a rope ladder for the leprechauns to climb, but they still somehow managed to escape the 2 foot tall trap. Hattie has already been giving ideas for next year's trap.
Before Anna ate each individual jelly bean she asked, "Can I have one please?"

And Anna enjoyed the leprechaun loot...eating one bite out of each. 


Erin Curtis said...

I've been looking forward to hearing about your St. Patrick's Day party for the whole month of March! Your family has such a unique tradition. Way to keep it alive!

Steven and Erika said...

Cool...the dr is even holding an xray! haha! he is a master of legos as of late :)
Fun St. Patricks party and Paul, we are seriously impressed with the trap...should have caught one with that beast!

Sharee said...