Thursday, April 5, 2012

Attempting to make sure baby #3 doesn't suffer from blog neglect

Aren't lots of moms afraid they'll photo-neglect their children as they have more and more? Proof: my sister Laura (child #4) really doesn't have any baby pictures of herself. So here is my attempt to make sure Niels has pictures of himself when he gets older. 
Hattie loves to take pictures with our camera, especially of his "cute little face."
During our St. Patrick's Day party he fell asleep on the couch...for about 3 hours. I think it was the longest nap of his life!
Our three munchkins. The girls love to give him snuggles.
They also already like to play dress up with him.

 And Hattie does a decent job of giving him a bottle.
 Yup, he's out cold...slept in his Bumbo for almost 2 hours.
We just went in for his two month appointment...he's in the 95th percentile for both weight and head size...just like the girls were. And the 50th percentile for height. Again, just like the girls. We seem to make short, chubby kids!


Keesha n David Brown said...

I LOVE that bumbo picture!!!! He is SO cute!

Steven and Erika said...

Haha,,,bumbo sleeping! That picture will always be classic! You do make short kids but he's cute! Mine babies are the opposite. Dan is above 100% for height, 97 for head and 55 for weight ...Niels takes a bottle????? Only Keira did that for me...i admit I don't mind but every now and then I think it would be nice if Dan did! Can't wait to see yous guys!

Andrea said...

Good for you! I totally need to take more pictures! My favorite is the bumbo pic. IT's amazing where they'll fall asleep! And didn't you know chubby kids are like the cutest kids ever! Not to mention they have the best kissing cheeks!!!