Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Six months gone already

Unbelievably, Niels is already 6 months old. These have been 6 of the busiest months of our lives - have a baby, sell our house, graduate, travel to Milwaukee, Virginia, Utah, and Oregon, and move across the country. The poor boy has had his ups and downs, but gratefully as our life has settled down a bit, he has become a much better baby. I haven't taken him to the doctor since he was 2 months old (that's what happens when you travel tons and move across the country) so I'm not sure of all his actual stats, but he is a big boy, weighing in around 22 pounds. Clothes that are for 12 month old babies fit him perfectly. His weight gain has slowed, considering that he doubled his birth weight in the first two months. He has remarkably chubby thighs, and a rather skinny belly - at least for one of our kids! About two weeks ago he started rolling around and sitting up, so he has been much more content now that he can see the world a little better. Like most babies he loves being held, especially in the evenings by his Dad. He is almost sleeping 12 hours straight at night - a marked improvement over the 5 or 6 feedings he was in the habit of having while he and I shared a room while staying in Ontario for a month. And he has arrived at the point where he doesn't like to sleep anywhere but in a bed, so Sundays are rough on him, as well as all the hours we spend looking at houses, but I am grateful that he is also starting to nap really well. His sisters adore him, and are actually really wonderful with him. They like to pile all the pillows around him and call the structure his house. And Anna is always eager to share her toy baby boy with him, "since he's a boy baby too." Although life can be crazy with three kiddos, we feel so blessed to have Niels in our family and love the change and happiness he has brought us.


Veralyn said...

Niels is sooooo cute!! Our little man is the same, he was 20 lbs and wearing 12 month clothes at 6months. Complete opposite of his big brother.

Glad life is settling down a little bit. Good luck on the house hunting. I don't really enjoy that hopefully you will find your house soon. :)

Lisa Easton said...

I'm so glad he is sleeping so good now. Congrats!