Saturday, August 25, 2012

Under contract

At last, the house hunt is over. Exactly one month from yesterday we will close on our home in Oak Creek!

More pictures to come once we have our stuff inside. Things I love about it:
    - 3 car garage (room for all of Paul's tools)
    - 5 bedrooms (it's actually a tri-level house so there's more square footage than you think)
    - 3 full bathrooms
    - a HUGE laundry room (big enough that I'll be able to sew in there)
    - an unfinished basement (I'll no longer have to store all our extra stuff in the attic)

We'll be a little farther from the hospital than I would prefer, but the closer to Milwaukee you get, the older and smaller the homes become. So Oak Creek was a good compromise. Now we are busy brainstorming how we will paint, decorate, etc. I'll keep you posted!


Kurt and Kristy said...

Looks really nice! Good luck!

Holly said...

I am ready to come visit!! hahajk but seriously i miss you guys!

Steven and Erika said...

Sweet beans! Christmas in Milwaukee! Is that a weathervane on top?