Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day trip to South Bend

Being only 3 hours from South Bend, how could we pass up the BYU vs Notre Dame game, especially since two of my sisters, three brother-in-laws, and my parents would be there? I guess that's what you get when two brother-in-laws received their graduate degrees from ND.

Outside the administration building. We arrived hours before game time and wandered around campus to kill some time. It was a perfect fall day. Even with the game loss, Paul and I enjoyed having an entire day without children.

 Yes...both of our hair is getting long!

And surprise! Paul's brother Michael was there too! So we smashed 2 mini-family reunions in on the same day.


Steven and Erika said...

That's so cool that so many fams were there. ...and awesome Michael surprise!
Looks like a fun cold...thank goodness for long hair! Haha...not recognizing you anymore Paul!

Cox Family said...

I thought about you guys while we were watching the game. So fun that you got to go to see it!