Monday, November 19, 2012

Our house

Now that we are mostly moved in (the unfinished basement is still a pile of bins and boxes that need to be organized), I finally got around to taking some pictures...
Pro: three car garage! And yes, that is a weather vane with a rooster on top!
Pro: large entry way
Pro: lots of counter space
Con: no pantry, and it is located right off of the entry with windows looking out the front of the house. Not horrible - a little odd is all.
View from entry into family room/dining room
Pro: awesome laminate floors
Cons: dining room light fixture is weak sauce...only one light bulb so I can barely see to eat my food
Pro: high ceilings
View looking back to the entry way

When you go up the stairs you find three bedrooms and two bathrooms:
We need to either repaint or get a new bed spread cuz red and pink isn't working so well
Girls took a while narrowing down paint colors, but we finally painted it about two weeks ago, followed  by building bunk beds. 
Niels room...I don't plan to repaint...I like the green.
 Main bathroom...there is a small master bathroom too...not worth photographing.

And then we go downstairs to laundry, playroom, and office.

View as you come down the stairs
 Pro: GIGANTIC laundry room. I love it! Once we get the extra dryer out of there I'll have enough room for my sewing machine AND ironing board to be out all the time.
Pro: large playroom...this will someday be turned into a bed room when more kiddos arrive. 
Pro: an office/spare room. It's great to have a real place to send guest when they come visit, as well as enough space for all Paul's medical books.
Pro: fenced yard. Most of the yards here in Milwaukee don't seem to be fenced in. Not that I necessarily want to limit my kids' freedom, but I do like that I'll be able to send little ones outside without the fear of them wandering into the neighbor's pool or the main street.
It is starting to feel like home. We are grateful to have enough space for our growing family and that we feel comfortable here. If anyone is visiting the Chicago area, we are only an hour away and would love to have visitors!


Cox Family said...

What a great house. It seems so spacious with lots of room to grow. We miss you here in Lubbock, but we're glad you found a good place in Wisconsin.

Julia said...

Looks nice! Love the front entry! I can't wait till we have a backyard... someday.